What’s available?

ApplesEstimated Harvest DateU-pick?Ready?
Akane (Tokyo Rose)Sept.1Early -4Coming soon!
Almata (red flesh) Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Ambrosia Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Arkansas BlackOct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Ashmead's KernelOct.1Early -4Not ready.
Belle de Boskoop Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Blondee Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Braeburn Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Cameo Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Cortland Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Cox's Orange Pippin Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Crimson CrispSept.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Crimson Gold Oct.3Late -4Not ready.
Crimson Topaz Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Criterion Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Dabinett Crabapple Oct.2Mid. -4Not ready.
Dandee Red Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Dolgo Crabapple Sept.1Early -4Ready!
Duchess of OdenbergSept.1Early -4Ready!
Earligold Aug.3Late -4Ready!
Elstar Sept.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Empire Oct.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Fiesta Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Fuji Sept.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Gala Aug.3Late Not ready.4Coming soon!
Ginger Gold Sept.1Early Open!4Ready!
Glocken Apfel Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Golden Delicious Sept.3Late Not ready.4Not ready.
Golden Russet Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Golden Supreme Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Granny Smith Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
GravensteinAug.2Mid -4Ready!
Hanner's Jumbo Oct.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Hawaii Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Hokotui Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Hokuto Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Honeycrisp Sept.3Late-4Not ready.
Hudson's Golden Gem Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Idared Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Initial Aug.3Late -4Not ready.
Jonagold Sept.3Late Not ready.4Not ready.
Jonathan Sept.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Juice Apples Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
King Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Kingston Black Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Lady (Api/Pomme des Apis) Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Liberty Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Lubsk Queen Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Macoun Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Manchurian Crabapple Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
McIntosh Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Melrose Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Michinoku Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Mt. Fuji Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Mtn. Rose (Red Flesh) Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Mutsu (Crispin) Oct.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Newtown Pippin Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Northern Spy Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Organic Crimson Crisp Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Organic Macoun (New!)Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Organic Pink Lady (New!) Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Orin Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Ortley Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Pink Delight (red flesh) Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Pink Pearl (red flesh) Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Pristine Aug.1Early -4Ready!
Puget Spice Crabapple Oct.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Rambo Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Red Delicious Oct.1Early -4Not ready.
Red Free Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Red Golden Delicious Sept.3Late Not ready.4Not ready.
Red RubensSept.1Early -4Not ready.
Ribston Pippin Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Rome, Red Oct.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Roxbury Russett Oct. 1 Early -4Not ready.
Rubinette Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Ruby Jon Sept.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Ruby Mac Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Sansa Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Scarlet Surprise (red flesh) Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Sekai Ichi Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Smoothee Aug.3Late -4Coming soon!
Sonata Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Spartan Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
SpitzenbergOct.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Splendour (New!) Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Spokane Beauty Sept.3Late Not ready.4Not ready.
Stayman Winesap Oct.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Sweetie (New!) Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) Sept.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Thom Empire Sept.3Late Not ready.4Not ready.
Tsugaru Sept.1Early -4Not ready.
Valstar Sept.2Mid -4Not ready.
Wickson Crab Oct.1Early Not ready.4Not ready.
Winesap Oct.2Mid -4Not ready.
Winter Banana Oct.2Mid Not ready.4Not ready.
Wynoochee Early Aug.2Mid-4Ready!
Yarlington Mill Sept.3Late _4Not ready.
Zabergau Reinette Sept.3Late -4Not ready.
Zestar Sept.1Early Open!4Ready!
PearsEstimated Harvest DateReady?
Abate FetelSept.1Early4Not ready.
Anjou, Red and GreenSept.2Mid4Not ready.
Bartlett (Green and Red)Aug.2Mid4Coming soon!
BoscSept.2Mid4Not ready.
ButterSept.1Early4Not ready.
CascadeSept.1Early4Not ready.
Chateau RoyaleSept.3Late4Not ready.
Comice, Red and GreenSept.1Early4Not ready.
ConcordeOct.1Early4Not ready.
Flemish BeautySept.2Mid4Not ready.
ForelleOct.1Early4Not ready.
GemOct.1Early4Not ready.
LarizaSept.1Early4Not ready.
MederisSept.2Mid4Not ready.
Packham's TriumphSept.3Late4Not ready.
Parker's PrideSept.1Early4Not ready.
SeckelSept.2Mid4Not ready.
Taylor's GoldSept.2Mid4Not ready.
Warren (New!)Sept.2Mid4Not ready.
Asian Pears
Estimated Harvest Date
20th CenturySept.2Mid4Not ready.
AtagoOct.1Early4Not ready.
ChojuroOct.1Early4Not ready.
Daisui LiOct.2Mid4Not ready.
HosuiSept.1Early4Not ready.
KawaSept.2Mid4Not ready.
KosuiSept.1Early4Not ready.
OlympicOct.1Early4Not ready.
RajaOct.1Early4Not ready.
SeuriOct.2Mid4Not ready.
Shin LiOct.2Mid4Not ready.
ShinkoSept.3Late4Not ready.
ShinseikiSept.2Mid4Not ready.
Ya LiOct.1Early4Not ready.
YoinashiOct.1Early4Not ready.
MiscellaneousEstimated Harvest DateReady?
Kiyokawa's Apple CiderOctober,1Early4Not ready
Black CurrantsJuly,3Late4Not ready
Blueberries (limited quantities)July,3Ready! 4Not ready
ChestnutsOctober,1Early4Not ready
CornOctober,1Early4Not ready
Donut PeachesAugust,1Early4Ready!
GourdsOctober,1Early4Not ready
GrapesSeptember,2Mid4Not ready
KiwiOctober,3Late4Not ready
Nectarines, PlumsAugust,1Early4Ready!
Organic CherriesJuly,1Early4Ready!
Organic Donut PeachesAugust,1Early4Not ready
Organic PeachesAugust,1Early4Ready!
Plums and PrunesSeptember,2Mid4Ready!
PumpkinsOctober,1Early4Not ready
QuinceOctober,3Late4Not ready
RhubarbMay,1Early4Not ready
Winter SquashOctober,1Early4Not ready

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