Need to raise money for your school, club, or sports team? We have been helping organizations raise funds through fruit sales. With a little legwork and some planning, your group can experience the bounty of our harvest.

We provide boxes for all orders. If we box the fruit for you, there will be a $1.50 per box packing fee. If you box the fruit yourself, there is not a packing charge.
Delivery is available for a fee that is based on miles. Fruit availability may change so please state disclaimer on substituting similar type of fruit when needed on your flyers.

The fruit can either be picked up at the farm, or boxed and delivered for an additional fee. More information regarding the cost of boxing and delivery can be found on our fundraiser page.
We only deliver boxed fruit.  If your group doesn’t have the time or desire to box the fruit we can do it at the farm for a fee.
It’s best to set a date that you want to have your fruit delivered and let us know in advance which day that is.  From that date, we need about 7 days notice of exactly what you need in terms of box count of each variety so we can be prepared to have your order filled.
We have noticed that the success of a groups’ effort is closely tied to the coordination of each club, school, or business.  The excitement and energy that is projected by each of the people selling the apples will determine the scope of how far-reaching you can get fruit sold. A willingness to call friends, family and neighbors are also crucial to increase box sales.

2020 Prices:

APPLES (20-22 lbs. per box)

Golden Delicious $15.00
Jonagold $18.00
Red Ruben $18.00
Gala $18.00
Ambrosia $18.00
Fuji $18.00
Honeycrisp $27.00
Crimson Crisp $27.00
Mountain Rose $44.00
Mixed Premium Apples $21.00
(Mixed premium apple boxes contain 4 to 5 of the following varieties: Fuji, Gala, Crimson Crisp, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Cameo, Ambrosia, Sonata)

PEARS (22-25 lbs. per box)

Green Bartlett Pears $18.00
Red Bartlett Pears $18.00
D’Anjou $18.00
Premium Mixed Winter Pears $24.00
Asian Pears Not Available
(Mixed premium pear boxes contain 4 to 5 of the following varieties: Red & Green D’Anjou, Comice, Bosc, Warren, Taylor’s Gold)

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